Allison Milchling. Product Designer.


Partner Portal. Enterprise Architecture.

Project Summary

Captricity’s internal user base was not robust enough to meet the demands of a growing list of enterprise customers. Partnerships became a strategic initiative so that a new external user base could take ownership of the success of new enterprise accounts.

In order for this enterprise growth strategy to be successful, I focused on addressing the following:

The result was an architecture overhaul - a new site map, a new navigation pattern, and new user management. All of these pieces came together most apparently via the Partner Portal, a central activity dashboard that serves as a conventional and intuitive landing page that starts off each session with the product.

As the company's sole designer, I vetted and championed the problem and owned the end to end UX of this project. I worked side by side with a scrum team containing 7 app engineers and consulted with 2 MLEs throughout the project.

The Problems

The external facing UI was irrelevant to enterprise:

The staff-only Django Admin pages was the only pathway to access the product:

These architecture issues created barriers to partner success. Training was documentation heavy and adoption was impossible without close support from the professional services team.

Prototypes and Testing

9 months of internal shadowing led to an external-facing process flow with full stakeholder buy-in:

Iteration on architecture proposal and prioritizing UI overhauls:

Final Designs and Resolutions

1. Site map: I introduced new entities (accounts, use cases, users) as a foundation to achieving the expected enterprise structure.

Goals achieved:

2. Navigation system: An updated top navigation flow enables use cases to be entirely managed within the external-facing UI. The staff-only Django admin pages are no longer critical to a workflow and are only needed for staff troubleshooting.

Goals achieved:

3. Access controls: The creation of roles and permissions allows for users to have varying levels of access across multiple accounts and use cases.

Goals achieved:

4. Partner Portal and individual page updates: Staff-only pages are redesigned and repackaged for external use.

Goal achieved:

Main Takeaways

This work increased external user autonomy from 15% to 50%.

Documented processes serve as an invaluable artifact when garnering buy in for major changes:

Intuitive navigation aligned with the user flow is essential to a learnable, repeatable process:

Other Work

Data Configuration. Autonomizing Workflows.

REPAIR. Leveraging Machine Learning.