Allison Milchling. Product Designer.


About Me

👋🏻I’m a product designer. I specialize in interaction design and research for growth in complex workflows.

I’ve been leading UX design and product strategy for agile, AI-based projects - from inception to completion. I scale complex workflows into intuitive, delightful solutions that address root pain points and yield expanded user adoption. I conduct and analyze research and user testing directly with end users to assure constant accountability in my design process.

I’m a problem expert grounded in the long term vision. I adapt to changing business priorities and am quick to understand, synthesize, and deliver results that maintain strategic alignment to the core product vision. I’m a reliable teammate who is sought after across departments to be a sounding board and solution designer for complex and vague problems. I foster a culture that energizes all stakeholders to embrace the value of user-led product development to ensure the adoptability of relevant, intuitive solutions.

Beyond my day to day, I enjoy synthesizing my experiences into writing to contribute to the online product design community. Outside of work, I love road tripping in my camper van.

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